Our Philosophy

Red Apple Early Learning

At Red Apple Early Learning Centre, we will provide a warm and caring environment where each child feels safe and valued. Each child is respected for their uniqueness and allowed to develop according to their individual skills, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

We believe children learn and develop through the process of exploration within an educational, play-based curriculum giving children time to explore, discover and respond spontaneously.

We will provide a happy, safe, stimulating and fun environment in which children are encouraged to develop independence and self esteem.

We believe it is extremely important to listen to the children’s voices to ensure they are heard and respected.

We help foster the development of a strong positive self-image and the involvement of the child as an active learner.

We recognize the importance of developing a trusting and positive relationship with the families. We encourage parent input and participation within the centre and its programs.

At Red Apple we pride ourselves on our sustainable practices and educate the children about recycling, saving water, gardening and caring for the environment.

We believe it is important for our children to be part of the community by inviting the local community to visit us or where possible take the children out into their community.

We embrace the diversity of our multicultural community and encourage all families to share their cultures, languages and ideas with us.

All educators on our team are highly experienced in the early childhood field. We value all our educators for their individual skills, knowledge, personalities and life skills. We expect the educators to be excellent role models at all times while providing care to the children.

We will provide nutritious and healthy food for the children. Appropriate menus are provided for children with allergies or restrictions due to religious/cultural beliefs.

We aim to meet individual needs of each and every child and this is achieved by following existing routines as closely as possible from information provided to us from the parents.

The Red Apple philosophy symbolizes our aim that the children grow and develop into bright healthy individuals full of life and vitality.